I’m just sitting at my office desk and as usual thinking about being outside.  Don’t get me wrong, I love paperwork as much as the next person….  Frankly, I’m just a farmer at heart.  My Pop taught his children to respect farming and sharing the land.  I just seemed to love it a bit more than my brother and sisters.

Growing up I wanted to be a pirate – yes, a pirate.  What was cool in my mind was being outdoors, wearing amazingly cool boots, and having a monkey sit on my shoulder.  Really!  Ahem, almost took you on a tangent… Back to farming:  Touching the earth and knowing what secrets the soil has that could transform the land into FOOD!  Do the masses care where the food comes from?  I don’t know anymore.  When I go to the grocery store and see the aisles filled with endless products with empty calories waiting for the population.  This is when I can’t help but wonder if the population knows if there is anything nutritious in the family meal.

This is my rambling for the moment….  Any feedback is welcome!



One thought on “Ponderings”

  1. Your first post leaves me with many questions. I suppose I could ask them here, but I think it will be more fun to watch and read as you reveal them to us!

    I believe that the average person does not know or care about what is in their food (good or bad) nor do they care where it came from. Sad. Glad you came by for a visit!

    Life on the Farmlet


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