How do we get the best to you?

The brisk early morning air was so refreshing against my face.  I wore a jacket so I kinda avoided the “rest of the body” experience.  Fed the chickens and rabbits – instinctively I looked up expecting to see sandhill crane above……none to be found: yet.  No daily crops to be harvested at the homefront since the farm is covered with alfalfa (for the exception of my box garden.)  The alfalfa did well this year and the monsoon rains were extremely helpful this summer:  which seldom is the situation.

Said my daily prayer and gave thanks for farmers and our warriors.  How blessed am I to have both in my life.  But today I thought about the farmer’s challenge of transporting produce – not just produce but produce that is at the peak of nutrition.  We care about that beautifully ripe tomato that smells and tastes: like a tomato.  I so dislike the mass chain grocery store tomato (say that in one breath) that looks like a tomato and has the texture of a tomato AND that’s it, no more because there is absolutely no flavor.  For the mass chain grocery, in the words of Bruce Hornsby:  “that’s just the way it is, somethings ‘ll never change” (not the entire song – okay sorry) but for a farmer that’s not acceptable – we want what’s best for that cute gramita making her perfect bologna sandwich, that sweet 2 year old in the car being buckled in the car seat, the chef wanting the perfect veggie for a discerning customer, and for the German Shepherd sneaking treats in the garden.

I’ve just begun this journey of the farmer’s plight or at least this farmer’s plight…..


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