Why didn’t I know………

October 16th was World Food Day and the theme was “family farming and caring for the world”.   My questions:  Why didn’t I know this AND why didn’t any of my farming circles know this?  Not that I would have know what to do about it anyway but why didn’t I hear about this designated “Day” from the several organizations I receive emails from.

How can we be united toward a common goal of “providing people with food” if there isn’t a common portal to communicate the needs of: the farmers, the interests of the people, or most of all those who are undernourished.  Let’s get real here – there are 800 million (at least) globally that are undernourished.  I can’t wrap my mind around 800 million people that go to bed hungry each night with little hope of change when they wake each morning.

The development of unified communication is essential in times before/during/after a crisis and I believe that unified communication is no less vital for farming communities.  In an effort to being part of a solution it requires me to take a stronger voice and stand in my effort to being a better farmer.  “If not me – then who?” and “if not now, then when?”  ( just paraphrased someone and I did it badly, my apologies) Won’t you please take a moment to be kind and help me on this journey of being an active participant?  Better yet, how can we join together and make things happen?


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