It’s alive I say, it’s alive…….sustainable farming vs. organic

Yes, it’s alive!  The soil that is….  When a person practices sustainable farming the person becomes a steward of the land.  I don’t necessarily care for the word “practice” because it seems as if all efforts are just a trial run rather than the real deal of work.  Sorry back to the soil:  My first question a few years ago was “what is the difference between organic and sustainable?”

Organic requires certification through the USDA whereas being sustainable is more of a philosophical or ethical approach to farming efforts.  For example practicing water conservation, keeping the antibiotics away from livestock,  and allowing your livestock to pasture over the winter in what was the chili field the previous summer – that’s being a good steward.  Nada mas (nothing more) is required when you are being sustainable.  I’m sure my grandfather and Pop are shrugging their heavenly shoulders with the “well yeah” gesture.

So is the food healthier?  My kiddo used to run around the farm chasing (take your pick here) chickens, ducks, or puppies.  In her signature move she would plop herself onto the ground and sneak into the rows of squash and emerge with a lemon squash between her little hands just munching away.  So how cool is that?  Would you allow your little one to just grab produce from the grocery store aisle and partake of the chemicals?  I think it’s cool to think I’m helping the earth (okay I’m reaching far beyond my neighborhood with that statement) and someday that carrot I pull from the earth will be just as nutritious as the carrots pulled a century ago.

I’m going to leave you with this short article from the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture in Iowa (it’s short and sweet):

May your week be amazing!!


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