So what’s that “one thing” Curly?

Well, I’ve been busy these days with school, trying to rethink how to be profitable with the farm, and not once have I stepped back from the madness to think about what I’m really trying to accomplish with school or my farming efforts.  Actually, taking a step back was much more effort that I expected.  I had to be honest with myself.  I forced myself to acknowledge expectations of myself.  What???!

Yup, I am a driven person that is generally competitive with myself.  Now, I’m in a position of having to ask myself why am I doing what I do – am I altruistic and believe in unicorns and “made for TV movies” with happy endings?  Or maybe, just maybe I’m afraid of being still or bored.  Borrowing from the movie “City Slickers” Perhaps, I want to try everything at least once so at the end of my life I know that I did search for that “one thing” (thanks Curly).  Here’s the YouTube in case you missed this:

I know what my “one thing” is – it has taken me decades to understand that I’ve been living it all along.  I love being outdoors with the hot sun on my back, seeing the possibilities of what the land will bring forth, waving at my neighbors, helping others in need (I think I did see too many “made for TV movies”), and as goofy as it sounds I believe my one thing is: being thankful.  I’m going to work on accepting my “one thing”  because honestly, as an introvert, I want to be that extrovert that saves the day.  I’m me – a farmer, daughter, mother, friend, and smiling all the time.  But it is fitting that I make my commitments to farming, family, and being thankful at this time of the year.  I am afterall a work in progress and have many more days of being “honest” with myself……..

I’m thankful for you and please know that “Dia de Accion de Gracias” is “Thanksgiving”  all the time and everywhere.


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