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It’s a gloomy day: alright!

Yikes, it’s finally cold here in New Mexico.  The weather outside is cold, windy, overcast, and to some yucky.  This morning at five a.m. I initially thought “geez (actually substitute a bit of profanity here) why can’t the chickens learn to feed themselves??!!”  “UGH!”  But I trudged onward and fed not only the chickens but the rabbits and dogs as well.  But after a few minutes of being out in the cold air and soft wind, I felt energetic.  So, what to do in yucky weather (not an approved National Weather Service term by the way).

I decided that since it was quiet outside for the exception of the amazing cranes gracing the air space, I would plan for the spring.  So, composting will be spread in December, my seed order will be placed in December , the trees will be pruned in January, cabbage seeds will be spread in February (and probably again in March), plant grape seedlings in March, indoor seedlings in March and April.   Looking out my office window it is indeed gloomy weather; however, in my mind:  it is glorious and brimming with flowers and herbs – oh, pruned trees (can’t forget that….!)!!!!  At this very moment:  it is raining!!!  Yay!  Yesterday we planted a bit of winter wheat and so this is amazingly cool!!!  Okay, ten seconds later it stopped (this is New Mexico after all….)  I’m back with you – tangented out but I’m back……  I’m so happy for the opportunity to enjoy this gloomy day and share my random madness with you.  You are a blessing!