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Are farmers mentors??

I know that I’ve posted and gushed over my Pop.  I love him (not gonna say loved, because he may be gone but my love remains) to the moon!  There are many examples of true stewards of the land and animals.  Let’s take for example San Ysidro, the patron saint of farmers:  San Ysidro was a pious man and would spend a bit too much time in prayer.  So much that his fellow employees complained and his employer Senor Jefe went to talk to him.  When Senor Jefe saw Ysidro, he also saw two angels plowing the field while Ysidro was praying (what??).  He wasn’t deemed a saint as a result of taking a break and having angels work for him…….

He was a man of prayer – farmers pray (for rain, for nice weather, for good soil, good crops, healthy livestock, for their family and neighbors – you get the picture).  Ysidro was a kind man to those that were less fortunate and to the animals.  Miracles happened when Ysidro fed the poor at his table and when he shared crops with the animals – he was blessed with much more bounty.

Many farmers give without hesitation to those who are in need.  Many farmers plant extra in their fields knowing that “people aren’t the only ones eating from this land”. Many farmers share their knowledge with others.  Many farmers pray for all of us.  Many farmers do without luxury so they may share with others.  Many farmers show us how to live by being humble examples.  I am feeling so blessed.  So THANK YOU to the many farmers/ranchers out there that have been a mentor and you probably didn’t even know what a wonderful example you were – when you thought no one was looking.